It’s Hip to be Square

I love my wife.

That seems as good a sentence as any to start a blog. Welcome to Staying Square in MA; the official Getting Fit in MA companion reader. While my wife Danielle continues her exciting and inspiring journey through the world of physical fitness, you’ll usually find me there; reading comic books, playing on my phone… and of course cheering from the sidelines.

I may join in with her every now and then as well; here we are after running the AIDS Action 5K last weekend… I’m still slightly out of breath.

Spoilers: I don’t luge competitively at an Olympic level

Of course, exercise has never really been my thing, and fortunately isn’t the only way we spend our time outside of work. For every 5K run, spin class, and stair climb that takes place, there’s a comic shop, video game store, and sci-fi convention waiting in the wings. It’s a rather equitable agreement; a treaty between Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon; or if you simply prefer… a square deal.

But don’t worry, we both quite enjoy supporting each other in what we do, so while my wife continues her journey seeking out fun and healthy activities, I’ll be doing the opposite! Wait, that came out wrong.

Point is, the great state of Massachusetts is not only a great place to work out; it’s also one of the most scientific, tech-infused, creative, and ultimately nerdiest places in the world, and along the way this blog will highlight a few of the reasons why.

Punch it Huey! (or whoever sang this version of the song)

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