Runners World, Libby, E3, and the T-1000

Last weekend, my wife ran the Runners World 5K over at Boston College; you can find out how she did over on her blog. Of course, I was there to take pictures and cheer.

While waiting for her to cross that finish line, a quick news scan pulled a few things to my attention; the first of which was that creator of Calvin and Hobbes and all around comic-strip genius Bill Watterson actually drew a few comics panels into the current strip Pearls Before Swine. Watterson’s involvement was disguised in the comic as a little girl named Libby who became critical of the strip’s artwork and jumped at the chance to draw it herself when prompted by author and creator Stephan Pastis. It’s an exciting tale, marking Watterson’s return to comics after a 20 year hiatus, and how it came to be is recapped in full on Pastis’ blog.

What also surprised me (since I normally keep better track of these things) was that E3, perhaps the most hyped video game event of the year, was to begin on Monday the 9th. I wonder if I’m just growing more and more disinterested in the more commercialized aspects of the medium to take as much notice, but all the same I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up on the different company press conferences.

At this point I’m most looking forward to the next installment to the Batman: Arkham series, as the show demonstration offered a glimpse at a number of on-the-fly shifts in control mechanics and a sizable draw distance all without any noticeable loading bars or buffering glitches.  Nintendo’s virtual press conference also offered some information on the next Legend of Zelda game; which seems to imply a shift in direction back to the more exploration-based roots of the original NES game. For a lengthy explanation as to why I think that’s a great idea, you can see my thoughts on what makes the original game so brilliant over on Gaming Symmetry.

Anyway, the 5K went great and gathered a big crowd of support (although the 10K right after that may have had something to do with it). Sure, we ended up surrounded by athletes and the physically fit, but our story didn’t end there.

Where did we go after the race?… the library! The square deal triumphs again!

There’s nothing like a stack of books to balance out a race, after all. For a bonus round, we went to the library bookstore, and there I found perhaps one of the strangest books I’d ever seen; a pocket-sized picture book novelization of Terminator 2: Judgement Day; I just had to pick it up!

I’ll be back… in hardcover!

Here’s an idea for you; take an R-rated movie, and translate it into a children’s story! And it is quite the faithful translation; right down to the dismemberment and eye-gouging.

You know… for kids!

This book was apparently one of a series of film adaptations called “Mighty Chronicles,” that sought out licenses to produce similar books for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Xena Warrior Princess. Somehow, I question their business model.

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One Response to Runners World, Libby, E3, and the T-1000

  1. djdig says:

    You know I’ll never turn down a trip to the library and you have a knack for finding great/hilarious/awesome stuff at the library bookstore.

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