From Hard Rock to Ska in under 8 hours

Last weekend my wife and I were both lucky enough to join Blog and Tweet Boston for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston.  The restaurant, which moved to its current location by Faneuil Hall back in 2007, now features an updated menu of delicious crowd-pleasing favorites (and yes, they have data to back that up, down to test results on 27 different types of bun).

Obviously the food was the big draw of the event; they make a terrific brisket sandwich and a disgustingly good dessert drink called the “Twist and Shout” that’s topped with bacon, no less. At the same time, I can’t help but comment on this classy USB guitar keychain they provided us. I do like a good juxtaposition of symbols for a fun little item that’s in many ways a marriage of opposites.

revolution and conformity; not so different after all

And speaking of cymbals (close enough), I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together before, but I now realize the cymbals lining the bar were all Zildjians; a Massachusetts cymbal company since 1929 (granted they were founded in Europe back in the 1600’s). What a great showing of local flare! I’ll take that over a picture of Stephen Tyler any day… I’m sorry, his face is just not one to eat by.


Anyway the event was a lot of fun; and we greatly appreciate the Hard Rock reaching out to the community to host the event.  Of course, our day wasn’t over yet. Soonafter, we ventured south across state lines to catch Dave Wakeling and The English Beat performing at Manchester 65.

two-tone gig; two-tone ad

Great show, although the sound check was painfully long, even though some of the acts still had a problem with treble mixing (to be fair, there’s not a guitarist on Earth that will voluntarily turn treble down on their own). The Beat were great as expected, although the real fun of the show was the second act; the Providence-based Copacetics. The group had a lot of energy and a great full sound, so we’ll be looking out for them in the future.

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