Finish at the 50

This weekend my wife ran the Finish at the 50 5K at Gillette Stadium. Her post is already available on her blog.

Quite a few vendors lined the event at Patriot Place giving away samples and coupons, however one surprise came in the form of a Microsoft pop-up tent demoing the new Surface Pro 3 tablet. My first impression; it obviously has some good ideas with it’s sturdy kickstand and dual-pane windows (I’m one of the few people that thought the “Snap” feature of Windows 7 was the greatest computing innovation since the internet), and while I know there are some concerns regarding connectivity on the device, I didn’t experience any difficulties with a few test searches.

All in all the tablet does seem to mimic the abilities of a regular laptop quite well, however as a tablet I’ve very much gotten used to using Swype typing, and it didn’t seem to be an option here with the staff demoing the devices unsure if it was available. Ah well; to be fair I’d probably be using the magnetic keyboard for any heavier typing anyway.

For demoing the tablet, we got a festive World Cup soccer hat with the Microsoft logo on the front. While I think it’s quite fashionable, the best compliment I could get out of my Mother later on was “well, at least you didn’t have to pay for it.”

Fun hat; still not buying an Xbox One

Speaking of soccer, one odd detail of the event was that the field in Gillette Stadium wasn’t set up for football, but painted for a soccer game. Technically, this should’ve effectively changed the name of the event from “Finish at the 50” to “Cessation at the Center Spot,” but I suppose they already had the T-shirts printed up. Unfortunately this did make any form of measurement a bit more difficult than a nice clean line every 10 yards, but not beyond the boundaries of a little recreational mathematics.

The playing field dimensions of Gillette Stadium when set up for Major League Soccer is 115×75 yards. The penalty area extends outward from the goal by 18 yards,  while the line for the center circle is 10 yards away from the center spot. This means that there’s a total distance of 29.5 yards between the penalty area and the center circle.

Time-lapse photography at work

In timing Danielle’s run to the finish line, we see her touch the center circle 8.57 seconds after leaving the penalty area. That means that as Danielle was approaching the finish line, she was moving at a pace of .2905 seconds per yard, and was moving at a speed of 7.04 miles per hour.

Go Danielle!

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