Today (July 11th) is the birthday of John Quincy Adams; 6th President of the United States, and along with his father John a lifelong (and otherwise) resident of our humble town of Quincy, MA.

Quincy; birthplace of more Presidents per capita than any other city in the US… two.

While John the elder may have had the benefit of his own HBO miniseries, there are still some exciting things to say about Johnny Q. Those interested in the phrase “separation of church and state” would note that John Quincy is the only president to take the oath of office while holding a book of constitutional law instead of a more traditional bible (a behavior not seen again until Teddy Roosevelt, who I believe was sworn in holding an elephant gun). John Quincy also garnished the most interesting presidential pet in the halls of the white house; a pet alligator (excuse me; an American alligator) that resided in an unfinished white house bathroom. While these may seem to suggest some rather peculiar eccentricities about the 6th President of the United States, perhaps another way of interpreting it is that John Quincy loved ALL off America like no other president did; even the parts that were a bit rough around the edges.

Anyway, as is customary for all Presidents on their birthday, a presidential wreath is hung at their final resting place. John Quincy currently resides in the center of town, next to his parents and wife Louisa beneath the United First Parish Church; interestingly enough, a mere three blocks away from former Quincy residents and purveyors of the excellent Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games. I wonder just how much of an influence our town may have had over the game…

I’m on to you, Levine

If interested in an overly long commentary on why I think Bioshock Infinite was such a great  game, you can check out my review here… and also here (like I said; it’s long).

But that’s enough dwelling on the past; Quincy’s not just a place for history, but a fun place to be in the present as well. Just yesterday when heading to our library Danielle and I stumbled upon a performing Saxophone quartet; part of the Library’s “Concert on the Lawn” series going on all this month.


The group, called the Asylum Quartet, put on a great show, with a variety of musical styles in great four-part harmony. We’re lucky we ended up coming across it, and are already looking forward to the additional free concerts to come.

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