Goonies, Yelp, StarLabFest, and The Batman

Accurate sequence of events for a post title, or cleverly masked SEO; you be the judge.

This past weekend, Danielle and I joined our friends over at Yelp Boston to watch a free showing of The Goonies at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell, sponsored by WBZ. It was nice of Yelp to give us all a collective “Hey You Guys!” and organize a pot-luck picnic for its community, and we ended up with a sizeable turnout, and a mountain of snacks the size of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure.

This theater seats thousands!

On the pot-luck front; we realized later that we dropped the ball and should have bought something from the thematically appropriate Fratelli’s pastry shop in Quincy, but people enjoyed our fruit skewers, and fortunately the group already had a pile of Baby Ruth’s to go around (arguably The Goonies is the secondmost-famous use of the candy bar in a movie; the first being Caddyshack).

Danielle’s weekend with Yelp continued on to the next day where she attended a boxing class (which you can read about here), and while I was dropping her off in Cambridge, I noticed a bit of commotion going on further down Prospect St.

On stage is Animal Mother (I think… I’m getting old)

Turns out that it was StarLab Studios putting on their annual StarLabFest, a local music and arts festival, and basically one big party. And for a bonus, one of the vendors at the event turned out to be my buddy Wiley with High Energy Vintage, one of the best shops in the area to buy older video games (everything up to the PS/N64/Saturn era). It was good to see Wiley again; I’ve been a fan of his business since its humble origins at the SoWa vintage market. While he didn’t have too many games on-hand at StarLabFest (most of the inventory was back at their current brick and mortar location in Teele Square), I did pick up a Batman-related Plug & Play game controller; I figured why not, the controller looked kinda neat.

4 AA batteries? Please… the Nomad took 6

As for the game inside… well, the controller still looks kinda neat.

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