@CitySolve Boston recap

This weekend, Danielle and I gumshoed our way through Boston as part of the CitySolve Urban Race. You can read Danielle’s post about the event here, but we both had a great time working through the scavenger hunt clues; my favorite involved locating a particular city block based on clues for its nearby street names, followed by a clue to identify the specific restaurant there for a photo op.

The day proved to be a fun way to excercise our minds and our muscles, solving puzzles and walking many miles before it ended. I’ve charted our route and our many stops on the map below, along with a few of our highlights. Keeping in mind that the Millenium Falcon is not the “fastest ship in the galaxy” because of its speed, but because of its navigation system (without getting into the specifics of the hyperdrive multiplier, that’s why the Kessel Run is being measured in parsecs); our approach was to walk as short a distance as possible between clues from the Start/Finish near North Station to Kenmore Square before making our return trip on the T (since public transportation was allowed).

I think we were ultimately able to work out a pretty linear order, despite taking a bit of a wrong turn on Boylston St.

click to view full-size image

We may not have won, but we likely placed better than we did last year. I do somewhat wonder if our odds increased due to one of the clues being mislabled for Central Square instead of Kenmore Square (fortunately for us; we know our used record stores). We’ll be looking to the CitySolve Urban Race website later this week once the results are posted.

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