2014 BostonFIG photos and recap

Last Saturday, Danielle and I attended the 3rd annual Boston Festival of Indie Games (BostonFIG for short). We put in a lot of walking, which Danielle’s already recapped on her fitness blog. I’ve also put together a bit of industry commentary and a short list of games I’m excited about over on Gaming Symmetry. Exciting for me this year was that I got to attend as press; meaning advance access to the exhibition halls, and even a video interview.

This year was a lot of fun, and it’s easy to see the show’s getting much bigger. One interesting change from last year was they moved the digital showcase upstairs to the indoor track, while the tabletop area moved to the gym that digital occupied last year. I thought the move was great; not only could it be more accommodating to both showcases (I recall the tabletop showcase feeling a bit cramped last year), but the upstairs track had better cell reception. Last year my phone died pretty quick due to constantly searching for a signal, so the change was of personal benefit.

Check out my highlights from the digital showcase over on Gaming Symmetry

It was also nice to run into a few people I’d been hoping to see/meet. I got to meet both Stephen Orlando (Treasure Adventure Game) and David Newton (Crystal Towers 2), and got to compare festival notes with Ken Gagne in a picture Danielle seems to enjoy.

Hmm… attend the session on affection games OR story-based modalities with vampires?

My wife proved an excellent photographer/social media consultant for the day. She also wanted me to make sure I mentioned here the she won that round of That Rock Paper Scissors Game we played together, to which I must indeed concede defeat. Here’s Danielle’s reel of photos for the show floor, and for a few sessions as well:

Click to view photo gallery

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