MICE 2014 – Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

Exciting times this past weekend; continuing our indie kick after BostonFIG, Danielle and I got to go to the Mass Independent Comics Expo, highlighting the best of Boston’s local comics scene. It was fun to see some friends in the area and to see the wide variety of titles, art styles, and topic interests on display.

The 2014 MICE Mini-Grant winners can be seen here, although I’d also throw in a quick acknowledgement to our friend Holly Foltz and her fun series Brain Parts.

We also attended a fun workshop on writing comics, sponsored by the Writers Room of Boston, and led by Alexander Danner. It was a great workshop, focusing on the role of the writer in compiling comic pages, and ways in which the writer can guide artwork to communicate meaning without the need for words.

A fun exercise of the workshop was a sort of backwards compilation project; receiving a completed page without context (it actually comes from a comic called Two for No drawn by Tym Godek), and being tasked with filling in the blanks. This resulted in a great level of differentiation in explaining what was happening; here’s what I ended up writing:

I mean… I thought it was funny at the time.

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