Recycled Content

A surprising turn of events over the weekend, but apparently the first Top 10 list I ever wrote for GameFAQs (dated 9/17/2009) ended up being featured on the homepage for a period of time. The site features an archived list for when no new lists are being published, and I guess it was my turn.

Back when this list was written, the top 10 format was pretty different from what we have now; images weren’t available, we couldn’t use HTML to format paragraphs or use bold/italics (those updates came in 2010), there was no dedicated forum to discussing lists (update in 2011), and we’d have no idea how many people our list had reached (update in 2012). For that final piece, it was exciting to see something 5 years old get 10,410 new hits from the one Sunday it was marketed.

Oddly enough, that’s not the only old list that’s gotten recent attention; another user named Dan_Dan_91_07 put together a video version of my list on top 10 developer jabs (with my permission, of course), that I’d originally written back in 2010.

While I enjoyed what he did with it, I have to say it’s an otherworldly experience to hear sentences I’d written in my own voice being spoken in someone else’s.

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