Looking Forward To NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza!

December 6-7 looks to be a fun weekend at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA with the upcoming NorthEast Comic Con (NECC) – a pop culture event put together by Gary Sohmers and Deric Shea of Interactive Meet and Greet Entertainment. The con looks to cast a wide net over a variety of pop culture areas new and old, along with some great entertainment from performances and advance screenings to contests and panel discussions, and of course lots of vendors for toys, comics, video games and other memorabilia.

And then there are the artists and celebrities! Many Voice Over Actors are in attendance for a specialty workshop, like Mike Pollock, who’s been the voice of SEGA and Sonic’s Dr. Eggman since 2005 (although I’ll always know him as Dr. Robotnik).

A lot of fun video game events are planned as well. Both days will feature performances by Boston’s own Video Game Music Choir led by Christine Bürki for some fun takes on popular gaming songs (check out their rendition of Portal’s Still Alive). There’s also a free to enter speedrun competition for Super Mario Bros… maybe I’ll give that a shot, I know my time is at least under 10 minutes provided I don’t repeatedly screw up world 8-1.

The secret to the speed run is in World 4-2

Please see NECC’s recent press release for more information.

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