GameFAQs: The Top 10 Shocking Behaviors Of Link, The Hero Of Time

In honor of the recent announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D, My new Legend of Zelda top 10 list was published on GameFAQs today. This one looks at some hidden interactions outside of the core gameplay that result in Link coming off as, well, kind of a jerk. I would’ve said as much in the list, but it seems my original tagline “the Hero of Time… is a jerk” might’ve caused the list to be rejected (site rules dictate we remain positive, or at least neutral in tone).

A neat new feature for the site with this list as well; the new site framework allows list images to scale with the window size instead of remaining at their set dimensions; a boon for those of us who read the site on mobile devices. It caused me to stage each of the 10 images myself; complete with a few hidden glitch tricks going on in the background for those with sharp eyes.

Black Gauntlets, because why not.

Check out the list in full over on GameFAQs.

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