Recap: 2014 NorthEast Comic Con

The NorthEast Comic Con was this past weekend, and there was a lot to like! For a comparatively smaller con, the schedule was jam packed with fun, the diverse set of vendors lining the hall were well stocked, and the all-ages crowd was friendly and enthusiastic throughout.

Before the morning rush

Right in time for the holidays, there were plenty of great gift ideas available for pop culture fans, from classic games, toys, and comics, to some stunning fan creations. Here’s Erin from Wolf Blair Creations with her assortment of hand-crafted Elder Scrolls plaques, which fashioned an impromptu conversation comparing the 360 and PC versions of Skyrim (while losing out on the mod scene, I still think being able to yell dragon shouts at my TV through Kinect is quite fulfilling).

Fus Roh Yeah!

There were some great panels as well; I got to meet Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story and Gary Wolf, the creator of Roger Rabbit. My favorite panel though was brought by the team at Comicazi to talk about 75 years worth of Marvel history and what wacky character they’d like to see more of (answer: Paladin!).

Guess which one considers himself the Human Torch to the other’s Thing?

There were some great musical acts as well that heavily featured music from video games. The Cosplay stage featured the Video Game Music Choir that I’d mentioned in my previous post (I liked their version of the theme to Diddy Kong Racing), but the Creature Cantina area also featured performances by a fantastic Boston-based quintet called The World Is Square; who play songs from all across the Square Enix catalogue.

Currently playing FFVII‘s “Costa Del Sol” (sorry for the blur)

Danielle and I had a great time, and found some great presents for later this month. I’m told that as long as you buy something for someone else, it still counts as Christmas shopping and you can make a few self-purchases as well. I walked away with one of those Skyrim plaques, and a few more comics to add to the collection, including a bargain-bin copy of Defenders #1 from 1972.

I Slay By The Stars!

In retrospect, NorthEast Comic Con actually has a lot in common with The Defenders, whose lineup would eventually go on to feature oddballs like Red Guardian, Son of Satan and (for a day) Jack of Hearts. Both feature a bizarre collection of characters one wouldn’t normally put in the same universe let alone the same room, yet the end result is something truly special.

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6 Responses to Recap: 2014 NorthEast Comic Con

  1. Jessica Cook says:

    This is so cool! I’ve always wanted to go to comic con!

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  3. dennehypr says:

    Great recap, David – so glad you and Danielle could come and play at NECC!

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