Overrwyrld – A Puzzle Adventure

I’m really excited to announce the release of Overrwyrld; a top-down puzzle adventure game inspired by the original Legend of Zelda, Adventure, and an indie game that I love called Corrypt made by Michael Brough. Why am I so excited about Overrwyrld? Because excluding some user-created content from the past, this is the first game I’ve ever released! I did it! I made a game!

Overrwyrld Image 1Overrwyrld Image 2

Overrwyrld is a game about exploration, discovery, and perception. There are no dungeons, combat, or princesses in need of saving, but you’ll still find several terrain puzzles to solve along the way involving various game mechanics. What those mechanics are I shouldn’t say as it ends up spoiling some of the fun, but with this game I hope to show that even the simplest of game mechanics can end up being entertaining when matched with the right level design, as well as showcase how seemingly inconsequential occurrences can still end up contributing to the larger game at hand.

Overrwyrld Image 3

Overrwyrld image 4

To make the game, I used PuzzleScript; an online HTML5 game engine made by Stephen Lavelle that’s open-source and available for anyone to try their hand at creating something. The control limitations of PuzzleScript; namely that you’re limited to arrow keys and one button certainly had me thinking differently about how my player character would go about accomplishing tasks. The language was fun to learn and I have to say; half the fun of making this game was in trying to minimize objects as much as possible to keep the code nice and slim… only to have it balloon out of control later on when making final adjustments to the map.

You can play Overrwyrld online in your browser by clicking the image below. You can also download a copy of the HTML file by clicking the “Hack” option and selecting “Export.”

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