Recap: Bit Fest Summer Nights (July 9-10)

Lots of fun over the past few weeks, and I’m only now just catching up. Last weekend was the first of three Bit Fest parties being held over the Summer. Boston Bit Fest, which I’ve posted about in the past, is a pop-up arcade festival run by some great people, that since its origins in Somerville back in December has now been moved to Night Shift Brewing in Everett. The new space is great! With multiple rooms to fill the arcade cabinets have never been more plentiful, and with the revised business approach of suggested donations at the door, each of the cabinets are now set on free-play!

The console area was moved inside the brewery to be played right alongside the many aging barrels, although I feel this may have been a missed opportunity as an ideal spot for the Donkey Kong cabinet.

Arcade cabinets were spread out across the brewery so there was ample room to move around. A few new cabinets showed up this time as well; I got to try out an old Sega periscope game called SubRoc 3D, which is honestly cooler than you’d expect for something from 1982.

Can you spot the News Radio reference in this picture? It’s been a long time, Stargate Defender… <Yes it has, Dave>.

I also got to try another arcade game I’d never known about before; Hydra by Atari (1990). It’s pretty fun and fairly easy to get into, although I think I still prefer Roadblasters.

Bit Fest returns to Night Shift Brewing on August 6-7, and again on September 10-11. For more information check out the Bit Fest website!

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1 Response to Recap: Bit Fest Summer Nights (July 9-10)

  1. Astro Adam says:

    Argh you’re right. That would have been perfect for Donkey Kong. Who could have missed that connection?

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