Recap: Summer Northeast Comic Con (June 20-21)

Getting ready for the Boston Comic Con this weekend reminded me that I never ended up posting a recap of the Summer Northeast Comic Con (NECC) the prior month; whoops!

Anyway, Danielle and I had plenty of fun in Wilmington back in June, and the event feels as though it’s gotten even bigger since we’d gone to the Winter NECC last year.

Guest of honor Adam West put on a great show in his interview panel with good cheer and a terrific wit, although he may have been outdone by a young boy from the crowd who approached the stage in full costume to greet him as “Old Chum.” If nothing else, the boy’s enthusiasm just goes to show how West’s Batman is able to reach audiences of all types even after all these years (although try not to bring up residuals).

I also got to hold a few enjoyable conversations with several of the special guests that reached right back into yesteryear for me personally. Animator Philo Barnhart commented on the Dragon’s Lair video games, and how he was proud to be associated with a project that’s now on display in the Smithsonian. Longtime Henson Company puppeteer Noel MacNeal held his own puppeteering workshop, and I found out that his history with the company went all the way back to one of my earliest favorites called Follow That Bird (among other things, he was Madame Chairbird). I also got to ask TV producer Jeff Kline if we’d ever get a proper ending to the short-lived Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles…  it’s in Sony’s hands, but that ship has pretty much sailed at this point.

There was plenty of fun for the gaming crowd as well with a larger console free-play area, Smash Bros Tournaments, and a competition held by Gemr using the original 1990 Nintendo World Championship game (I nailed the Super Mario Bros. portion, but blew my lead during Rad Racer).

NECC will return to the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA this Winter on December 5-6th.

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