Recap: Boston Comic Con 2015

Boston Comic Con was last weekend and I was lucky enough to win a trivia contest from Comicazi’s Newsletter that got me a free ticket for August 2nd. It was a great day, and the convention center was packed; here are a few photos of the convention floor.

An exciting development for me on the collector front was that after decades of bin-diving, hole-filling and checking off issues from lists, I finally got my comics wish list down to zero. The last issue crossed off my list; believe it or not, was the “Mutant Massacre” tie-in issue of Power Pack #27… it was a dollar, and yes, I’m content with that being the only issue of Power Pack I own.

So that’s it; I more or less have my comic books, which is kind of exciting. Outside of occasional impulse buys and anything new that comes along; my back-issue collection is more or less complete!

Speaking of impulse buys, I also picked up a few unexpected extras. Ever wonder when Beast of the X-men got all furry? It happened here in Amazing Adventures #11, which I managed to find an old copy of for just $2. It’s actually a pretty neat issue in its own right aside from the historical importance; while the Beast character is visible right from the beginning, it isn’t revealed that he’s Hank McCoy until about halfway through the issue when we see his nameplate on his desk. Pretty cool!

In addition to completing my collection, I also got to stroll the Artist aisle where I got to meet Laura Martin; colorist for Walt Simonson’s ongoing Ragnarok (which more people need to get behind!). I let her know how much I was enjoying the book, and she let me know there’s still a good number of arcs in development after the first 6-issue arc wraps up (#6 should be coming out soon, with a TPB later in the year as well).

Thanks so much to Comicazi for the trivia prize and thanks to all the artists and vendors this year at Boston Comic Con for a great show!

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