Recap: August and September Bit Fests

Summer has come and gone, and with it the remaining dates for the Bit Fest Summer Nights event series at the Night Shift Brewery in Everett.

Nothing seems to be on the books for when the next Bit Fest will occur (watch the Bit Fest website for upcoming events), but Danielle and I will most likely be there when it does as this event has consistently proven a great time that’s only gotten better. Here are some pics from the past two shows:

Bit Fest Summer Nights: The Lost Arcade of Atlantis (August 6-7)

August’s Bit fest took on an aquatic theme.

Thankfully they started adding drink stands between the cabinets.

Danielle and I tag-teamed this wheel and stick driving/shooter by Taito, although I don’t think we were doing it right.

Bit Fest Summer Nights: Indie Invasion (September 10-11)

In preparation for Boston FIG (Which I’ll write about shortly), the September Bit Fest welcomed a few indie developers who were able to showcase their own projects one day in advance for a captive audience.

Sumer is a competitive resource gathering game where you race other players to appease the Gods to curry favor.

8 Bitty Games is a collection of games developed with the limitations of the original GameBoy in mind.

This month was so well attended that the event managed to spill over to a second location at the Short Path Distillery down the street.

Short Path was happy to participate; even mixing a special cocktail for the event.

It was at Short Path that Danielle and I found our next co-op experience of the fest in Konami’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We died a lot, but that’s the joy of free play!

Well; so much for summer! Can’t wait for info on when the next BitFest will take place!

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