Iron Throne Weekend – Game of Thrones at King Richard’s Faire

My family had some great fun back in September at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA. We’d been given free tickets to the annual medieval(ish?) festival that runs each fall and got to spend the day partying like its 1399, taking in the many shows and attractions found on the fairgrounds.

A few show highlights of the day were a performance by Jacques Ze Whippeur (who will soon hopefully be known as the “Guinness World Record-holding Jacques Ze Whippeur”), a series of jousting matches throughout the day (we rooted for Sir Jeffrey all three times), and the hilarious “Mud Show” which had us falling out of our seats with it’s hilarious and expertly delivered dialogue (These performers have been working at this show for years, and it shows)!

What was also great to see was the number of attendees that arrived in costume; many clearly went all in with period-appropriate(ish?) garb which really added to the experience. The last thing you need at one of these festivals is someone in the corner rolling their eyes, so it was great that so many came in as willing participants.

This weekend was also a special one for King Richard’s Faire in that as part of their scheduled themed weekends, there were some special events planned to celebrate Game of thrones, so of course we all showed up as characters from Westeros to join in the celebration (Sponsored by Disruptor Beam, makers of Game of Thrones: Ascent).

Danielle wore a crown of winter roses to dress as Lyanna Stark. I sported a yellow cloth to go as Lem Lemoncloak of the brotherhood without banners, but also decided to add in an additional family crest in support of a rather fun theory that Lem is secretly Richard Lonmouth; “the knight of skulls and kisses.”

Ok so we weren’t going to win any prizes for costumes, but I did at least make it through the introductory round of the trivia contest! It got a little complicated with people needing to switch teams to keep things moving (to the point where I had to answer two questions before some people had to answer any!) but it was fun all the same and the right person won (my sister Jen)!

We had a terrific time at the faire and will likely be back next year! King Richard’s Faire will continue with its weekend schedule until October 25th.


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