Current Build: 1.539
Last update on: 12/31/2015
Original release date: 6/30/15

Overrwyrld is a Puzzle Adventure game about exploration, discovery, and perception. There are no dungeons, combat, or princesses in need of saving, but you’ll still find several terrain puzzles to solve along the way involving various game mechanics. Sometimes even the simplest of inputs can end up being entertaining when matched with the right level design.

Overrwyrld was built using the PuzzleScript engine developed by Stephen Lavelle, and was inspired by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda, Atari’s Adventure, and Corrypt by Michael Brough. In Overrwyrld, game objectives shift in phases, moving from abstract to linear and back again all the while introducing new play mechanics that may cause you to rethink any map areas you’ve previously encountered. Meanwhile all actions you complete as you progress, even those that may seem outwardly insignificant, all work to contribute to a larger purpose to be revealed in good time; sometimes in unexpected ways.

This was my first game (hopefully not the last), and I hope you enjoy it!    – David Kempe

Overrwyrld_V1.539 – Click to play online!

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